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Science and Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub (SEERIH)

Three female primary school students building structures from marshmallows and spaghetti

Great Science Share for Schools

The Great Science Share for Schools is an annual event that brings schools from across the country together to take part in exciting science and engineering activities.

Placing children at the centre of their own learning, giving them the tools, space and encouragement to explore and develop scientific ideas is what is at the heart of the Great Science Share - what’s not to love!

Jayne Quoiani / Science Outreach Officer, University of Edinburgh

Started in 2016, the GSSfS has expanded from its roots in Manchester to incorporate schools from right across the UK. The aim of the event is to encourage students to share their scientific questions and to take an active role in science and engineering-related activities.

Each year the event:

  • encourages young people to communicate their scientific questions and investigations with new audiences;
  • improves  teacher confidence in teaching children to think and work scientifically;
  • raises the profile of school science, improving the science capital of children and families.

We've reached over 410,000 young people since 2016, and are always looking to engage with more teachers, students, STEM organisations and industry in the UK and internationally. In 2021 the Great Science Share for Schools reached over 212,000 young people through over 1500 events around the world. The Great Science Share for Schools is a free-to-participate campaign and we invite you to take part and help us share the wonderful world of science with our future generations.